We really love those people who try to build a better world by creating beautiful things. Monstrum, a wonderful Danish company, knows how to turn kids’ dreams into a reality with their fantastic playgrounds.

As you can see, they seem an actual party for senses. They are not only beautiful and safe but also a great way to train their motor skills and imagination in the coolest possible way. Lots of breath-taking characters and structures appear in streets all over the world to transform daily leisure into a real fairy tale where kids can play, dream, imagine and, of course, enjoy!


Monstrum was created in 2003 by the designers Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen and its purpose was to create special urban leisure areas where kids could have the chance to have a very exciting experience where both design and art could play a role in their development.

All the structures are handmade in Nordic wood by sustainable forests and a team of 26 artists, architects and designers work really hard to get these inspiring spaces. In fact, they have been awarded with some of the most prestigious prizes related to art and design!


Everything started when Ole collaborated in the creation of a new playground for her son’s nursery. He realised he could create something else, a special place where kids felt also special. There’s no doubt he was right! Nowadays their creations are present in several countries: Norway, Russia, Egypt…They work closely with the local entities to design the most suitable playground according to the framework where it’s going to be located, so the result is always the best.


Moreover, the company donates part of its profits to help disadvantaged kids. What a great example for our little ones! People like these ones transform the world into a wonderful place to live, don’t you think?



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