We really, really love furniture with different shapes. Yes, we love kids’ furniture which makes us dream and- obviously-, those which are inspired by animals are perfect to do it. Today, I bring you exactly that, one of those pieces of furniture turned into a chair which is an elephant. Who can resist a baby elephant in the kids’ room? Nobody. This design was created by Marc Venot, a French designer with lots of talent and other pieces which could also be interesting.

An artist who loves design


Marc Venot was born in Paris in 1979. He finished his degree in Maths and Physics from the Jussieu University in Paris. After that, he decided to continue his Industrial Engineering degree. We don´t know if his knowledge of Maths and Physiccs helped him to become a designer. What we know is that he worked in a global design company for 6 years , working for perfume, liquor and other kind of brands. Nowadays, he works for furniture companies such as Normann Copenhagen, Thonte or Elements Optimal. Furthermore, he has been awarded several prizes thanks to his work. This is not strange at all, just take a look to this cute creation.

An elephant for the little one


Elephant Chair, together with its matching table, has a comfortable and cosy look. Kids will love this design from the first sight. This chair reminds Dumbo (a trending topic because of the next premiere of Tim Burton’s version).

This chair will invite them to imagine and create. In addition, it shows those sophisticated lines which are loved by adults. It’s a perfect option to keep everybody happy. Kids will love it because it’s similar to one of the friendliest animals in the world. Adults will fall in love with its elegant design, perfect for every kind of kids’ or play room.


Both the chair and the table are made with very fine European beech Wood and show a mate finish to provide it with more charm, if possible. Furthermore, the chair is quite light so we (or even the kids) can take it everywhere

+ info:  Marc-Venot