Are you having a party soon? You will love this post because we bring you the most wonderful and chicest masks you have ever seen. Ninn Apouladaki is the brand which creates these nice masks with animal faces which are plenty of details. The elements on them are really beautiful, almost perfect, and there are many models and several collections to choose. They are a great start to get a very cool fancy dress.

This brand was created by Ninn and Guillaume, an artist and a graphic designer. The idea came in their own wedding when they had created some special masks for their friends and family. They were so nervous that they forgot to distribute them so they didn’t know what to do with them. They decided to sell them on Etsy and it was a complete success. After that, the project grew up and, nowadays, they have their own online shop where you can find the masks and other designs like their printed garments.



Their masks are inspired by wild and poetic creatures which come from Ninn’s childhood in Ukraine. Traditional tales are part of this inspiration and there’s no doubt that the result is great. We have seen many cute children’s animal masks and now we can include these in our favourite list.

Kids can enjoy these masks as if they were a game where they play different roles. The shop offers both kids’ and adults’ versions because everybody loves these details. Enjoy party and games with kids, why not?


These masks are created with eco and reused materials. The brand has decided to create products which avoid the use of animal materials so they have chosen recyclable and eco raw materials. This detail will help us to take care of the environment.


Every model offers different versions. Foxes, deers, rabbits, owls and other animals from wood. You can choose the most traditional black and white model  or the Moony line, a mysterious versión in black tones or the funny Psychedelic line with several colours and many shapes included in its print. If you are not able to choose, they also have kits which include masks of every line in the sets.

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Via Milk magazine