Is it a toy? Is it a piece of furniture? Yes, it is! Everything is possible with this amazing furniture that can be turned into funny animals which can create chairs, a rocking horse, a console table…Those little friends have been designed to wake up kids imagination while they decorate their room in a very funny way.

Just some basic shapes and several pairs of eyes are enough to create a wonderful universe where furniture is alive and everything is possible. We all know that kids are always imagining magic things around them. Well, their dream has come true to make them dream awake!

Animaze allows configuring different kids-friendly furniture combinations, both horizontal and vertical. All the funny characters are, at the same time, useful modules to create different pieces of furniture according to your needs. Imagination has no limits and we are sure that your little ones will find lots of new ideas to create new unexpected objects with these great “furniture game”. 

Every piece consists of n external module made of solid wood and an internal foam rubber fabric module which can be removed to play separately. These colourful creatures will fill the whole room with fun and childish joy and, furthermore, they add a very cool touch to every atmosphere, don’t you think?

We can’t think about a better way to help them to develop their motor skills, their creativity and their imagination. In addition, they are so cute that kids will love these new and gorgeous roommates! Do you dare to imagine your own furniture?

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