A great range of unconventional home decorative elements divided into different collections with their own theme shown by colours and motifs that will catch all your attention and love. Unique pieces that are also a great option to get special kids rooms’ atmospheres.

What Can You Find? 

Cushions, posters…lots of ornamental pieces that will create customized spaces plenty of design, style and colour. Geometrical figures, retro style posters…all of them are full of good taste and great design. Add this chic touch to every room at home, all these elements are easily combined with every style and they are really trendy. If we are talking about trends, we must mention their collection of organic cotton baby clothes and accessories, it´s a must that shares the same amazing design and the great style of the brand. In addition, they take care of the environment with eco-friendly materials that will guarantee safety for your little one. If you want the best for your baby , you can be sure this is your shop!


Home decoration is the shop’s speciality. They offer a huge range of high quality designer products. Their collections are carefully created to offer their customers amazing and special elements to decorate their special places at home.


This German brand was created in 2013 by two friends and-nowadays- it has become an international reference brand in decoration. Their products are available in selected retailers both in Europe and in Australia. As you can see, their brand image is impeccable as well as their products.