From Paul & Paula blog, they bring us a new proposal to redecorate and redistribute a kids’ room. It is a two sisters’ – Antoine and Leonor-room although the youngest usually sleeps in their parents’ room. In this way, we only see one bed in the bedroom -it is, really, a trundle bed (in the case of Leonor wants to sleep with her sister at any moment) In that way, there is more space available to play.  A very comfortable bed with a spectacular design by Rafa-Kids.



Children´s prints to decorate walls are the coolest! You can find some beautiful prints at Menudos Cuadros, the children´s picture shop…

In this decoration, it has been tried to emphasize kids’ positivism so it is plenty of positive messages like “LOVE” or “HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS”. Furthermore, there are some colour pennants and postcards with different animals hanging on the wall and different window ornaments. Those touches of colour contrast with the wood boxes in different shapes and sizes where they keep their books and toys.



In the room’s middle, a modular set of table and chair called MAXintheBOX -a Perludi’s design– focuses the attention. The Austrian brand created this work centre in order to offer children from 10 months the chance to seat, read, write or simply play up. Besides its usefulness, it offers several alternatives to avoid being a static piece of furniture, able to adapt itself to the child growth. If it was not enough, they are easy to keep when they are not being used because they can be stacked to get more space. In Antoine and Leonor´s room, we can find other emblematic pieces like the iconic Eeames hanger “Hang it all” or a funny Indian tipi where they can play or have a rest.


To sum up, it is a good example of a room which provides fun to children and esthetical and functional satisfaction to their mums.