Using a monthly calendar at home is always something I’ve done. But also it is a great learning tool for children, even the youngest ones. Calendars provide a great opportunity for learning all kinds of math, writing and time management skills,  and even help children prepare for upcoming events.

January is just around the corner. What about kicking off the new year with this cute calendar created by Apanona? Titled “The Good Neighborhood”, you can discover a new sweet, funny and mysterious character who inhabit a singular building each month.


Apanona was inspired by “13, Rue del Percebe”, a funny comic book by Francisco Ibáñez, and Greenwich Village, the NYC’s bohemian neighbourhood.


A new year is a new beginning, a new opportunity to challenge yourself and a time to get organised! This is the perfect planner for all the family (and furthermore it will add some style to your space at home). This also can be an excellent gift for nearly anyone on your list, from relatives and friends, don’t you think?




Are you ready for 2017?

To get here.

+ info: Apanona