New York is the World’s capital city. There are a lot of homes which are loved by decoration lovers (like us). It’s a city where big houses are not always available so they have to look for strategies to improve and expand lighting and spaces. Today’s apartment shows a suitable white total look with huge windows through light comes into the rooms. What a beautiful light!


White is a main element but the result is not colour-boring at all. Here, colour touches are provided by details: paintings which are hanged with clothes pegs, several children’s books or simple ornaments on the Ribba shelves by Ikea.



Furniture also contrasts with white tones. The best-known piece is the RAR rocker chair by Eames. There are two: the red one combined with the rest of reddish tones of the rooms and the white for kids which matches well with the walls and the crib. These distinction touches add personality and originality to the space so choosing details carefully is always a great idea. Here you are some inspiration!


Colours are used to differentiate every room. There’s one with blue elements, from paintings to ornaments or toys and a warmer one with red and orange tones. Anyway, light is very important in both of them which always plays an important role, especially in kids’ rooms.

To sum up, this is a perfect example to show that simplicity doesn’t have to be boring. Here we have minimalist spaces whose colour touches are the perfect element to create attractive and cosy rooms.