There are games that are amazingly beautiful. And games that boost children’s imagination. Certainly, there are games that are really fun to play. Today we are talking about one that has all these things together. With a carefully design and production, this game allows infinite creations. Are you ready for a great dose of creativity and imagination?

Apollo is the new design that Marc Sardà has created for Londji. As usually, this designer and illustrator has performed a great and intense design work: unique shapes, colours, finishing touches… everything has been conscientiously thought for kids to enjoy.

Marc Sardà has mixed two things that he is passionate about: creating figures using traditional tangram pieces and robots. The result: a game made of several wooden pieces that can be combined and configured in lots of different ways to create a myriad number of robots.

apollo-kids-toy-11 apollo-kids-toy-9apollo-kids-toy-3

The game includes a book with some illustrated cards of robots that you can use as starting point. Here are some appealing names of the robots you can make: Collossus, Apollo JR., Afrorobot, Ufo, Icarius, Robo Bros… These are only some examples, you have endless possibilities!

apollo-kids-toy-12 apollo-kids-toy-2 apollo-kids-toy-4

But robots are not the limit, why not build your own creation made with die cut pieces? As Marc Sardà says, ordering, classifying, joining or separating…everything can be used by kids to express their thoughts in a visual way while they create an own story. This game lets you do anything you can dream up. Furthermore, it’s really funny, what are you going to build?

apollo-kids-toy-10apollo-kids-toy-13 apollo-kids-toy-1

Londji is a project focused  on art, toys and games. If you take a look at its huge catalogue, you will see that Londji’s products pay a lot of attention to graphic design and illustration, which are applied to traditional games and toys: puzzles, spinning tops, kaleidoscopes and, of course, tangrams.

Apollo is a contemporary tangram that will allow you get connected with creative thinking, inspire storytelling and provide your kids of hours of fun. Bring creativity to your home!

+ info: Londji, Marc Sardà