Apps’ world doesn’t stop surprising us, it is always inventing things,some are funny, other functional but- in general- they are really creative. One of them has focused our attention, Visuamusio. It is an app which mixes artistic work with shapes and colors with music. The matter is that you can create a customized melody by using colors and shapes, save it and play it whenever you want.


Visuamusio has been created by Wow and it includes a huge choice of geometrical shapes that can be mixed in order to create unique music compositions. It´s a great idea for kids because it will keep them entertained and- at the same time-will improve their skills by connecting shapes, colors and sounds. How does Visuamusio work? It is quite simple. They show a series of shapes and colors that can be included in a stencil that is moving in order to create the melody’s evolution. Things can be expressed by the use of all these shapes because, as known, colors and shapes and music are useful to express moods.

Mixing everything is something really amusing because creating musical compositions is complicated but, on this intuitive way, it seems much easier.

If you don´t know what to do with all these ideas, you will find a lot of “partitures” uploaded by the mobile app’s users in Visuamusio webpage. You will see landscapes created from shapes and colors, figures and other special and wonderful ideas. The best is that limits are in every person’s creativity and we know that children never get tired of experimenting and discovering new things.


Visuamusio can be found in the App Store. Its price, 3.59€, is not expensive taking into account that it will keep them entertained for hours. Are you taking them to visit the dentist? Play Visuamusio in your smartphone and they will be quiet, playing while they create their own music. Who knows? Maybe they like it and become musicians when they grow up…You never know where hidden skills appear…

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