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Refined but relaxed silhouettes. Beautiful tones and subtle mix of prints. French vibes and clean shapes. Polder suggests a collection full of desirable and delicate clothes for girls.

The Parisian brand Polder was created in 2000 by two sisters of Dutch origin, Madelon Lanteri-Laura and Natalie Vodegel. In 2007, they presented their first kids collection for girls from 4 to 14, April Showers by Polder, at the Playtime fair in Paris.

Since the beginning, handmade work, which adds a specific and handcrafted value, has a great importance in all their collections. The shapes are very pure and the work is focused on the research for prints and materials, the colours and finish aim at creating a visually strong and acknowledgeable product.

April Showers by Polder Spring Summer 2016

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April Showers spring summer 2016 is an invitation to travel: a drive through California roads with a folk guitar as a background. The colour palette of the collection includes mineral and vegetal tones, like white limestone and cactus green.The beautiful padded jacket comes in a bronze-release.

You will find, among others, fluid mini shorts in cotton panama, linen tank tops, light striped dresses and  handmade Cypriot sandals. The accessories (socks, jewellery and bags) have a key role in all their collections, as well as the ornamental details like tassels or pompoms.april-showers-spring-summer-2016 (7) april-showers-spring-summer-2016 (3)april-showers-spring-summer-2016 (6)april-showers-spring-summer-2016 (5) april-showers-spring-summer-2016 (2)april-showers-spring-summer-2016 (4) april-showers-spring-summer-2016 (11)april_showers_summer_2016

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