Arminho is a letterpress and creative design studio founded by Raquel and João. Founded in 2011 in Porto, Portugal, the studio is inspired by their passion for vintage —especially old books, paper ephemera, illustration (like natural history motifs) and stationery. Their techniques make their handmade process one of a kind; manual, recycled and eco-friendly.

Every step of the making process involves hands, from paper folding to cutting and aging wood and every piece made needs patience, effort and time.

I’m sure most of you know the Whales poster (fist picture on this post), but they’ ve recently added new products to their shop. All of them are so delicate and beautiful. Perfect for kids and parents.

Arminho posters

Arminho-poster-andorinhaThese posters are the perfect accessory for any wall. The illustrations are reproductions of original watercolour drawings by Raquel and João. What about a decorative print with flying swallows to celebrate the springtime? Or do you prefer seaweeds motifs?


I think a canvas hanging poster inspired by textures of auriferous rocks will also look great in a kids room or a teenage bedroom (they also offer a great cactus print and a geology chart).


Or maybe you love a guitar or piano chords chart… There are so many options!


Arminho-herbarium Arminho-herb-press

With the beginning of spring, starting an herbarium is an excellent project — for small leaves or large plants. Making your herbarium, it is really a fun and it can be a great project for kids.

A press is the best way to dry and flatten flowers, leaves and plants before archiving them. These herb-presses are not only beautiful but also a durable product for big and little botanical lovers.

For parents


In case you’re feeling the urge to shop for yourselves, parents, here’re a few suggestions for you! Have a look at the new Arminho bags (they’re incredibly attractive) or select some handmade notebooks.  They’re really special!

birds-notebook-arminho Arminho-notebook-gold-bar

What do you think about these new products from Arminho?

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