Who has never wanted to come back to childhood? The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre’s visitors had this chance. The designer Worapong Manupipatpong has used a column of the centre to add a wooden structure which all of has had wanted to see in our childhood. But it’s not too late to enjoy something like that.

This artistic idea is something between spectacular furniture and architecture project. Designer’s idea was creating a spacious place where disengage and get privacy in the middle of an art exhibition, remembering all those childhood places we have idealized. It’s a way to make visitors participate and enjoy the creations.


There are several huts connected by stairs. The visitor can stop and have a rest with his friends in one of the huts to enjoy another perspective. The purpose is coming back to those childhood places where we imagined and invented stories with lots of fantasy.

Adults will like this idea but children will be amazed. Taking them home is going to be complicated once they know all those corners with windows. Come back to your childhood, break the rules and enjoy, this is the main purpose of Worapong’s tree houses.

These private spaces in a public exhibition are something really original that only an artist can imagine. This house’s characteristics turn it into a perfect place to dream. This structure will wake up the most nostalgic memories. A great idea, don’t you think?


+info: wmanupipatpong

via mocoloco