Attic rooms have something really special. A charming atmosphere, without any kind of doubts. A magic place which can be turned into a great kids’ rooms. Yes, they will transform your little one’s world into a funnier universe. However, you must have some basic skills to get the best results.

Place the Bed Properly

Image via depositosantamariah

We must consider the ceiling’s position in attic rooms. This is why we must take advantage of the space. As far as the bed is concerned, you should place the headboard according to the ceiling’s drop. A bedside table is not really high so it will look great in that space. Doing this, the highest parts of the rooms will be free to place wardrobes or other pieces.

Customized Wardrobes


Image via Lidor

Customized wardrobes are always a good idea, especially in attic rooms as they will be adapted to our needs. As you can see in the picture above, this incline has been perfectly used thanks to a customized wardrobe. White tones look great with wood and create a neo-rustic look for a soft and charming room.

Windows on The Ceiling


Image via frenchyfancy

Lighting is crucial in attic rooms. It’s true that they are on the last floor so lighting is better, however, there are not always windows to take advantages from it.  Windows placed on the ceiling are a perfect option: Kids are not able to reach them, they are easy to clean and, furthermore, it must be beautiful falling asleep while you look at the stars.

Decorate your Attic Room with Style


Image via niechaj

There’s no doubt that you can adapt this room to every style. However, we find this idea really cool! It consists of adding those cool pennants, in this case, taking advantage of the ceiling’s drop. You can also use garlands or lights, they are always a wonderful way to create a cosy atmosphere.

Beams to take Advantage of Attic Rooms


Image via Fractalestudioarquitectura

Not every single attic room has beams but if you have one, take advantage of it. First of all, check their resistance (they use to be resistant unless the house is too old). If everything is OK, this beams can add a lot of great decorative ideas, have you thought about including a swim in the room? The beam can be the perfect place to do it!

First picture via finabarnsaker