Over the last couple of weeks here in Leeds, autumn has most definitely arrived. The leaves on the trees are intense shades of red and orange, combined with different shades of greens and browns. They contrast against the sky that has been anything from bright blue to dark grey.
In interior design inspiration comes from anywhere or anything, however today we are totally inspired by the colours and coziness that autumn brings. So let’s look at some beautiful autumn inspired kids rooms.

Autumn interiors often feature intense colours that are rich and warm. Think mustards, burnt oranges, rusty red,  earthy pinks, forest greens and teals.

Texture, pattern and  natural materials also feature highly in an autumn inspired space. These create a feeling of a relaxed, cozy space that is comfortable and inviting. Perfect for kids!!

Canopies, patterned wallpaper, rattan and wood can be seen in many of these kids rooms, giving the perfect autumn vibe.

Now who’s in the mood to curl up with a cosy blanket and a hot chocolate!!

Images with thanks to (1)    Lorena Canals.  (2) Majasmissionshus   (3).   Oyoy.         (4)  Mini interni.  (5).  Ferm living kids   (6).  Chloe gets creative.   (7)   Sarah Sherman Samuel