The greatest thing of Mango Kids’ collection is that it’s adapted to trends and gets beautiful and stylish garments.  As one of the important brands in the “Fashion for Everybody” concept, they offer lots of novelties. Let’s see some of them!

Mango Kids Autumn-Winter for Girls


We can find the main colours for every age: beige, brown, blue and some pastel tones to add a girly touch. Furthermore, denim is the absolute king of dungarees (a must for both girls and mums) and jeans with the folded bottom. In addition, flower and ethnic prints show 70’s Boho style that also includes fleece jackets and vest that will keep them warm and will also provide a cool touch to the outfit.


Finally, plain sweatshirts with central motifs will fill their closets with mottos and messages.

Mango Kids Autumn-Winter for Boys


Boys have a “warrior” back to school. We can find lots of military prints that are mixed with bright colours to reflect their masculine personality. Furthermore, quilted vest with different prints are updated this time, always together with the indispensable lumberjack shirts (once again) and the Chinese style jeans and trousers. As the girls, they also include some messages on their sweatshirts. A basic complement? A pair of sporty chic trousers!


If there is an unmistakable feature of Mango Kids’ fashion this is blue in every single tone: navy, pastel, denim… You can create a total look for your little one with these tones; it will be a great decision!  Can you resist to this “Autumn in Blue”?

+info: Mango Kids