Children grow up. Fast! But their belongings do not. How about a furniture that grow with your kid? Today we bring you a stylish desk that grows up in four steps, from a kiddie-friendly chalkboard into an ergonomic table.

Guillaume Bouvet, a passionate cabinetmaker /carpenter and designer with a love of clean lines, has dreamt up, designed and conceived the French-made Az Desk and seat.

This adjustable desk structure is designed to represent the two most important letters of the alphabet. Viewed from the front and the side, the letters A and Z gradually appear as your child grows.

CP - AZ Desk by Guillaume Bouvet


4-6 years old: The vertical blackboard with a magnetic surface allows playful learning and interaction with the user.
6-8 years old: The seat and work surface at the lowest level give children their own space for independent learning.
8-12 years old: The seat and work surface at the second level follow the growth of the child.
12 years old and older: The highest level offers adult seating and workstation which can travel with the child into his/her future endeavours.



The desk is made using birchwood ply panels providing a good stability and a solid aspect to the unit. This type of wood, from eco-managed forests in northern Europe, is known for its robustness.


+ info: Guillaume Bouvet