As some of you may already know, I’m a fan of babaà children’s clothing. babaà is a very  personal project inspired by love of knitwear and children. Marta Bahillo, a Madrid-based textile designer, uses 100% natural materials which means their yarns are not mixed with acrylics or any other synthetic fibres.

Better quality material means warmer, longer lasting clothes that even improve with wear.


 “And then we went home and lit a fire” is her 5th collection. In this season, you’ll find cosy jumpers, fun hats and nice cardigans. My favourite piece is the jumper number 6,  it looks so stylish and also quite comfy!



As always, babaà collection is filled of delicious textures, beautiful colours and loose fitting, relaxed pieces. Its roomy garments provide warmth but also respect kid’s freedom of movement.


With the arrival of very cold weather, high-quality and long-lasting knitwear is a good option for kids.

Pssst: babaà also makes jumpers for women. Take a look at them!

+info: babaà