Unique, funny and handmade; this is how the creations of the brand Babee and Me are defined. Rachel Mckenzie is behind this brand whose inspiration came from her own kids who showed her how important is having something unique and special.

In her studio of Byron Bay in Australia, she creates all the handmade pieces, offering an exclusive range of products for kids’ world. She also tries to get ethical and as much organic and ecological as possible, so she uses raw materials from the local environment. All those features have turned this brand into one of our favourites. Are you ready to see all their pieces?

Babee and Me, Wooden Toys


Kids’ wooden toys are really trendy now. The reason is simple, they are long-lasting pieces, they will never be old-fashioned and offer lots of option to create games and adventures. These wooden pieces are painted one by one with very special motifs, from animals to arrows and house-shaped pieces.

They are one-colour or black and white so they are a perfect element to the Scandinavian style we want to create in the room. There is no doubt the Babee and Me’s universe is focused on this wonderful style that makes us fall in love once and again.

Babee and Me, Textiles


They don’t offer only wooden toys but also soft toys made of textile which will decorate their room at the same time. They have also kids’ rugs and cushions with interesting designs inspired by the animal world and the wood; they will provide a charming touch to the room. Don’t forget the handmade and unique spirit of this brand.



In the section of textiles, there are also some toys designed for the youngest kids. Panda bears, teepees, dices and some other ideas created by Rachel’s mind in her own two-colour universe. You don’t need lots of colours to create special spaces plenty of life and details. We especially love this fabric kids’ book, it´s a perfect idea to offer something special.

Her creations are inspired by textures, prints and shapes to add a world plenty of feelings. Her pieces are special and kids will play with something unique and very funny as they define their own pieces. Do you like them?



Via Tatakidsdesign