Baby Bites wants to transform daily baby products into something special and creative. They are always trying to find something else, this “exclusive touch”. Both imagination and love are present in their lovely creations.

Sofía and Andrea, the designers, try to offer special carefully made products, far away from mass produced items without character.

Quality and design are combined to create the most special stuff for our most special treasure…our little ones are unique! They deserve the best and Baby Bites knows it!

What Can you Find? 

They offer a special range of lovely stuff for babies: sleeping bags, towels, bibs…all of them share a funny design. In the case of sleeping bags , they have been turned into stars, sharks and orcas that will keep your baby warm and safe while they become it into their lovely dinner for a moment. This original idea will bring you a smile every time you see your kid wrapped by these funny animals. Their flashy colours will fill every day with fun and joy. What about those amazing bibs with necklaces and bowties?? Is there anything more lovely? We don´t think so!


Their sleeping bags are the most characteristic product; they even appear in the presentation text. They are simply wonderful.


This Spanish company works closely with local artisans to guarantee exclusivity in every single piece. This fact makes this brand even more special, don´t you think?