We all know that love and great taste is the best combination when we want to get something special for our little ones. Daisy, the brand’s founder, is a professional interior designer who knows exactly where to find the most special and exclusive stuff for kids, she collects pieces from all over the world to include them in the most amazing selection you can imagine.

Baby Bottega is a little universe where every piece is a treasure to decorate childhood memories but there is much more inside the shop. As we have mentioned, everything is designed with lots of thrill, from the decoration to all the funny and creative activities they organise for kids…love wraps everything there!


This is the result when your passion becomes your job. Daisy has transformed her business into her own little world plenty of inspiration and talent. Do you want to know more about this cosmopolitan designer?


How did Baby Bottega start? What sets your shop apart?

When I was 15 years old in a high school in Miami I opened a business called Paint House where I painted furniture and art for other students. I’ve always loved design and later worked as an interior designer. The world of children interiors gradually became my niche because it allows me the freedom to create whimsical yet functional spaces… With four children of my own, I understand the demands of a growing family and we like to think that in a way we are curating a family’s lifestyle. We carefully research brands from across the globe and often collaborate with craftspeople to provide the best products and custom services. Getting to know the individual taste and demands of each client, Baby Bottega is the source for everything from wallpaper, lighting, and furniture to accessories and finishes.

Daisy, you have worked as an interior designer for a long time before founding Baby Bottega, could you tell us which is the best part of this job

Nowadays my clients tend to be under 16 years old. I love to understand their needs and if there is a particular passion, such as astronomy or fashion. The challenge of designing a space to explore makes this job very multifaceted. One day we’re creating a bedhead for a future car racer in Ireland and the next I’m designing a mural for a ceiling for a tiny explorer in Switzerland.  It’s hard to call this a job when we have so much fun!


What’s the main difference between kids and adults’ decoration? 

Ahhhh… a world of difference! Overall we do everything online via our website www.babybottega.com and skype so it’s a more digital and worldwide approach. The main difference is that a kid’s room needs to be projected on the scale of many changing needs and tastes. My greatest challenge for children is that the space needs to be as practical as possible (usually with loads of smart storage incorporated) yet versatile enough to one day display a collection of trucks and the next week a collection of robots. The furniture is also a serious affair… moving from a crib to a toddler bed and then ‘big kids’ bed in the span of a few years the layout needs to be very flexible. With adults, once you’ve done a great project the job ends there whereas with families it’s a joy to see the children grow and develop from infants to teenagers.

As an interior designer, do you ask kids before decorating their rooms or spaces?

Of course! The parents obviously provide the guidelines and budget but it’s important to understand the kids too. Even for newborn rooms we try to design a room that will be long lasting and capable of later incorporating artwork or colors that the child may come to love.

Baby Bottega has almost become a “philosophy” where kids are the only focus of attention and everything is specially created for them, not only products but also all the activities you offer. Did you want to create this little universe for them or it was a surprise?

Our little universe is an unconscious result of all the things that I love. We’ve done cool flower arranging, sculpture art, baking and etiquette courses for kids in collaboration with very talented people of things that I personally find fascinating and a little unusual. These events and our unique products are meant to spark the kid’s imagination and it’s very rewarding to see the curious munchkin’s reactions! At Baby Bottega everything we do reflects our motto of “amore + design” because we feel that if anything is created with love the result design can only be fabulous!


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