Mums’ have a special sense to choose the best for their babies but if they are as creative as Daisy, an interior designer from Miami, this skill is improved with great taste and the result is simply brilliant. She is an expert in kids’ rooms so she selects carefully the cutest elements  to build their little magic world. But aesthetics is not the only thing for her. Daisy also considers “safety, eco-sustainability, innovation and functionality”, all of them are crucial to get the perfect product for both parents and kids. Baby Bottega is a great example of this philosophy and every single offered product includes all these concepts.

What Can You Find?

A huge selection of home decor, accessories and gifts which have been personally selected by Daisy because of their design, their quality and their inner charm. Some of them have been created by famous brands like Nobodinoz but there are also some new brands like PLAYFOREVER. Everything is updating once and again in order to be adapted to kids’ needs and tastes.

But Baby Bottega also offers an own knob collection designed by Daisy and created by some local craftmens, there are lots of them: turtles, sea horses, owls…Imagination hasn´t limits!


Lots of good taste and style are their key to get this amazing brand plenty of little fantastic findings from all over the world!


Do you love all the products but you don´t know if they can be adapted to your spaces? No problem! Daisy will help you with her experience and her customized solutions!