Natural style is trendy, that’s why we can see materials like wood, wicker or cotton filling some of our home’s corners again. This natural look is a must in Nordic atmospheres where they avoid useless details to focus on the authentic like the wood touch, natural tones of every material and beauty around them.

This nursery surprises us with a Scandinavian style where naturalness is the key and white tones are simply combined with some black spots placed in a random way. Everything makes us pay attention to the details like that crib with soft lines and the basket with funny dolls.

Wicker in Kids’ Rooms



If there’s a material which has been completely updated that’s wicker. Wicker baskets to keep toys are everywhere, wicker cribs with a vintage look or even details like mirrors or lamps. Who can resist to use these trendy materials? There’s a wicker basket to keep dolls and toys (do you recognise bear cushion by Amayadeeme?), it’s really functional and decorative!

Children’s Textiles wit Cute Designs


These beautiful Kids’ textiles are also really cool. If you are wondering where can you find them, we can tell you that they have been created by Amayadeeme too. They are designs inspired by the forest to be included in a natural room. Textiles are perfect to underline this mate wood with green tones and little characters who will add a bit of joy.

A room with small details is always a great option. Sports to point out the wall, wood to create a peaceful and cosy atmosphere and soft textiles with funny designs to provide these children’s touch. Do you like this natural nursery?


Via Makehey