Via eeflillemor

A baby means always happiness for everybody so decorating a space for them is wonderful. A special place with personal touches and lots of beautiful things which make us feel well as soon as we enter the baby’s room. There are cute details which make us fall in love with them because of their design, originality or just because they are flashy. Today we bring you some of them.

Nordic baby’s nurseries, how to decorate them

There’s anything which means an excess in this room, from panda soft toys to black and white textiles with simple prints. Paintings help us to decorate a boring room with messages for our little one. The wooden stick and the furry rug add a cute natural touch. We guess you have recognized a Nordic style room as we have shown them a lot of times. But today you should pay attention to little details: the fabric mobile, the stripped storage bag…storage bags are so cool!


Via mittlillehjerte

Slate wall stickers are a great idea. They are not only useful to write the baby’s name or to write nice messages. They help us to remember useful things and they are really cute. If you pay attention that these falling drops are hangers. Brilliant, don’t you think? With this baby’s room we remember: “Less is often more”.


Via kitchetcouture

If you are thinking about the cost of decorating a baby’s room you can relax. There are lots of low-cost solutions. If you don’t know washi tape, you may become addicted of this image…is there anything that can’t be done with washi tape? This big bear made of it…creativity is the key!


Via kinderkamerstylist

Here you are some examples of things made with a basic washi tape. You just need imagination and a steady hand. Garlands are another detail that adds a party touch; there are lots of kinds of them. If you like the Scandinavian style you should choose the simplest ones like these wooden balls. We are sure you have caught all the concepts but in any case you can take a look to these cute images again.