We love Babyccino Kids! It’s a blog which was born from 4 mums’ illusion two years ago and that has shocked everyone for its great taste, its cool touch and because it is always looking for new cute things to show. Now, they have decided to collaborate together with the French brand Lalé and they have launched a children`s travel kit.

This set is not only useful to every journey, it is amusing and very cool. Fabrics are vintage-inspired, with flower and check prints and colourful tones like light blue and yellow. There is not doubt that all of that attract children whose opinion is the most important. In addition, this kit has everything, including a wonderful style!



An eye mask to sleep everywhere—with or without light—, a pillow for the neck in a mini size, designed especially for them, a great blanket with several uses and a very soft rag doll. Both the mask and the pillow remind us the typical adult kits, present in planes and long trips. But children need even more. The blanket can be also used as a tablecloth, a surface to play if we are in the country or as a superhero’s cape. As far as the rag doll is concerned, it will be their journey, games and dreams partner.

Obviously, all those things need something to transport them. The kit includes a backpack that matches the rest of the kit. It is also made of cotton and it is really light. They can take it with them wherever they want and have a rest wherever we take them.

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