The BabyPing monitor is designed to modern parents who want to see, listen and watch their baby in a comfortable and safe way through their Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iDevices). BabyPings allows three people watching the baby at the same time. In addition, you can adapt 2 cameras at the same time so you won’t have any problem if you need to watch two babies. There’s not doubt that it means safety and relax for you.

BabyPing is the only video monitor in the market. What does it means? That it’s the only which allows you using your Apple device while you are watching your baby, the app doesn’t need to be opened all the time. The app will be working while you use the device and it will warn you if the baby moves, cries or needs your attention, while, you can call, send mails or whatever you need to do. You can work peacefully, if he needs attention, you will be warned!


The main advantage of BabyPing, and its special feature, is that it can watch the baby even without being connected to the Internet. This link will show you the quality of sound and video, it is the only one which use the same technology as Youtube (here is a video Don´t worry about cutoffs or a bad Internet signal, BabyPing will keep working your Apple device’s 3G connection. It will allow you watching your baby everywhere. Apart from this transmission technology, it also uses some high resolution image sensors which provide it a better image quality. BabyPing won the innovation award at the Kind & Jugend Fair that took place in Colonia in September 2012. This means a guarantee of quality and security.