How many things can be done around a table? It’s a space for drawing, playing, talking, doing homework… Today I want to show you a cheerful and multifunctional table for kids: Bawa.

Bawa, designed by Klaudia Kuhn, is a furniture and toy. Two in one! It is a table with a secret sliding panel and also a play space. This playful table for younger kids helps to develop children’s imagination and manual skills. They learn to recognize shapes and colors and how to combine and link them together.


The main idea of the project is to stimulate children’s creativity. In addition, Bawa makes it easy to keep all toys organized! Just put wooden blocks, crayons, paint, or anything you want, to the top and slide.


Suggested set consists of a fold-out table, four stools and wooden blocks, all of them with a simple and colorful style. Let’s add a pops of color and fun to children’s room or kids workspace!


 Bawa is a practical and well-designed table with a playful touch. Love it!

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