Can minimalism be playful? Beanhome‘s answer is definitely yes! We’re very excited to tell you about this Spanish furniture brand since they bring together some of our favourite design trends: functionality, clean design, uniqueness and playfulness. At Beanhome, they design furniture that creates fresh, timeless spaces.

Moreover, their pieces work both for children’s rooms and adult spaces, making them extremely versatile and allowing for the same theme to be maintained throughout the entire house. It’s a great way to get children involved in the decoration process since their imaginations will surely be triggered by the special colours and shapes.

Their Hom Bunkbed a great example of Beanhome‘s defining traits. It’s extremely functional in that it allows for up to three children to sleep in the same room while maximizing space by including a pull-out bed that you can hide during the day. It also offers a fantastic space to play and we adore the twist on the bunk bed ladder: not only is it safer but its playful geometric character will surely provide an extra notch of excitement for your little ones.

You can find it in mustard yellow if you want it to be the center piece of the children’s room or in neutral gray if you would prefer for the accessories to stand out against neutral furniture pieces.

Whether you’re looking for an original desk for your home office or a smaller one for your children’s room, Beanhome‘s got you covered! Their sleek minimalist designs in light wood are complemented by beautiful bright colours that result in truly unique pieces.

Twins is a versatile piece of furniture that can be a chair, a table, a stool or a bench. Turn it around, play with it and discover all its potential.Who could have thought a simple item could be this beautiful? Perfect for adding a fresh, lively and timeless touch to any space in your house.

For those of you whose focus when decorating is to find furniture items with a personalityBeanhome will most certainly not disappoint. The designers’ aim is to fill a gap in a market overcrowded with the same chain produced furniture and make sure that you can feel your house conveys your personality. This is achieved by combining textures, colours and materials in clean lines with a light feeling. We think they would fit perfectly in trendy industrial or Scandinavian spaces, but their versatility and minimalism mean there are plenty of other options for those looking for creative alternatives.

Finally, we want to point out that one of their many strengths is their goal to find solutions for small spaces. Want a couch that turns into a bed? Have you got a large family and not that much space? Beanhome‘s got a few ideas in store for you.

Check out their website, Facebook page and Instagram for more stunning pieces and also for some great design inspiration!

+ info: Beanhome