This bedroom belongs to a little girl called Lola. Pink tones and little touches of shine to create a romantic, delicate and dreamy atmosphere which everybody can get with a single visit to Cuckoo, the online shop created by Lola’s mum where you will find lots of carefully selected brands and products for kids. There is no doubt that is the perfect place to find all those lovely trendy pieces we see on Pinterest or Instagram.

Pale pink rooms are the perfect source of inspiration for a girl but if you add some bright gold touches it looks much more special and personal. The Scandinavian-style bed is from Oliver Furniture, one of our favourite kids furniture brands.


If you think that you would need lots of kids products and design lessons to get one of those amazing spaces shared once and again on social networks, you are completely wrong. Visual harmony is the most important and they have got it with just a few details. 

Some wonderful kids’ black and white posters, pink textiles in different tones, and a rug made of natural fabrics which is perfectly combined with those trendy baskets and — of course— motifs are also crucial, in this case, stars are the chosen option.


Vintage furniture is plenty of charm and if it’s restored this is even increased because you can add those pastel tones typical from the Nordic style like in this room. Not everything needs to be new and mixtures and special pieces are the key to getting successful results.

In this case, they have focused in pink, grey and gold and they have included lots of pieces from Cuckoo. Well, we must admit it’s easier for them as they are surrounded by inspiration but creating a space for your little princess is possible!

Via bkids