Blue and mustard is a colour combo made in heaven. Any shade of blue goes so well with this deep, dark, rich yellow colour.

Blue rooms with mustard accents are especially fab for kids rooms. We love that this colour combo works great for both boys and girls so it’s also a beautiful colour choice for shared unisex rooms. And when done right, it’s a colour scheme that will grow with your kids. No need to update the room every couple of years.

The very dark midnight blue looks dreamy with the mustard accents in the room pictured at the top. It’s a tiny space but it still has bags of charm.  Here are some more of our favourite blue rooms with mustard hints to inspire you:

There is so much to love about this room from the wallpaper to the decorations. We’re loving it all especially how striking the little mustard decorations look against all the petrol blue.

In this shared room, they’ve used a much softer shade of blue which works just as well with the beautiful mustard. Using mustard bedding is a great way of adding mustard tones to a bedroom as you can change it easily if you ever tire of it.

Adding art with mustard tones is another fun way to introduce mustard accents in a room. In this room, we’re also loving the blue wall with the zigzag finish. This mid-darkish blue colour really makes the mustard pop.

The brighter blue in this room works so well with the mustard too. We’re loving the quirky decor, the different shades of blue and pretty much everything in this room.

Which one do you like best?

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