We are big fans of many different styles of decor for a kids room but there’s one style that always makes our hearts beat a little faster.  And that is an eclectic kid’s room. By eclectic, we simply mean a room that follows no rules —  it’s a bit wild, a bit whimsical and a bit boho-chic.  But it’s a room that truly represents the personality of the people who live there. And one thing is for sure about these types of rooms – they are all truly unique.

Today we’re sharing a stunning eclectic kids rooms we’ve come across.  This room has been created by Anna Malmberg who is a Stockholm based photographer.  Anna’s style is truly unique and you can see more of it on her Instagram.

This is her little boy’s room and it has so much to love about it starting from the custom-made bed.  Not only is the bed so convenient for storage, but the height makes it great fun too. And the bedding colours work so well with everything else in the room.

We love the unusual decorations dotted around the room, like the macrame style ceiling decoration and the pretty ball lights around the curtains.

Something else that stands out in this room is that it’s completely gender neutral. There is nothing overtly boyish about it even though it is a boys room.  Instead, the room reflects the personality of the mama and her son, which is so much more important than following any rules.

We love how Anna has effortlessly combined modern pieces with vintage touches and yet it all comes together beautifully. We also love the colours she’s chosen – mustard, pink, grey and pale minty green walls. It’s not a colour combination you would expect to work but it totally does.

Not only are we marveling at the decor of this room, but Anna had another challenge when creating this room.  As she explains in this interview, this is a very small room so she really had to be creative with the space to make the most of it.  And she has definitely done that.

Have you fallen in love with this room, just like us?

See more of Anna’s style and work on her website.