We’ve always been big fans of all white rooms. But sometimes, white rooms can be thought of as a little boring. After all white on white on white can feel a little bland.  But it doesn’t have to be so.

There are many reasons to love white rooms.White rooms will never go out of style, they’ll grow with your kids, it’s a great choice for shared rooms and they always feel light and bright, no matter how small the room.

White rooms are also ageless.They work for newborn babies as much as they work for teens and adults. That nursery pictured at the top is just beautiful.  It’s playful and feels like you’ve stepped into some kind of a magical white wonderland.

Here are some more white rooms that show off the beauty of using lots of white:

This is an all-white room that sleeps six kids of different ages and different genders. White, of course, is a great choice because even though there are 3 bunks, they don’t look heavy and imposing.  They still look very fresh and light thanks to all the white.  And we are loving the playful addition of white sheep to finish off the all-white look.

This room feels so bright, we want to move in! With a slight touch of blue, the overwhelming colour is clearly white. It feels likes a calm and inviting space for any kid of any age.

Here we have a different style of white room but just as beautiful as the others. It is white from floor to ceiling and looks just perfect. We’re loving the little addition of black dots for a little touch of something.

For our last room, we have gone for the whitest of them all. It’s all white with not a hint of colour.  It looks super classy and fresh and doesn’t lack any warmth.

If you already love white rooms, we hope these rooms inspired you.  And if you didn’t, have we changed your mind? Are you tempted to go for white?

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