Izabela, the founder of this amazing brand, was having a difficult pregnancy that forced her to stay in bed. In order to face this complicated situation, she started to knit and crochet all kind of toys and characters. One day, her husband suggested that they can be sold on the Internet and the success was as big that she couldn’t produce all the orders by herself so she decided to look for more mums who were interested in creating products for her.



Nowadays, Bebemoss relies on a professional team of mums who can work from home or simply go to the atelier with their kids because the main goal of this innovative company is to offer them the flexibility required to combine their roles of mums, housewives and professionals. They can take care of their little ones while they earn money to guarantee that all their needs are fulfilled. Many of these women live in the outskirts of Istanbul and they don’t have any other way to get money, Bebemoss, pays them a fair salary and offers them fair work conditions according to the local legislation, this should always be important for consumers, don’t you think?


All the toys and baby gifts are made at home (yes, the atelier is also a home for them) by mums who love their kids as much as you do so every piece includes an extra value of love, thrill and enthusiasm.


Every single product is handmade so it’s also exclusive and very special. They are the perfect treasure for your little princes and princesses, a partner as wonderful as they are, not only because they are unique but also because they are the tools to build a better world for them. Elephants, bears…Which is your favourite? Don’t you think they are really cute?


Izabela is the proof that inspiration is everywhere and comes whenever it wants, even in the worst situation, what a great example!

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Photography: Lois Moreno