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It’s not the first time we mention Bebemoss and its wonderful project to create a better world while it offers the most special handmade toys and gifts for kids. Izabela, the founder, is a French mum of (soon) 3 who lives in Istanbul, Turkey. There, she created a very special company that offers mums the opportunity to improve their families’ lives by crocheting lovely toys for kids.

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Bebemoss is a great option for all those women who are in difficult situations where poverty and other problems threaten their little ones’ wellness. The company offers the chance to choose when and how much they want to work. In addition, they can take their kids with them so the atelier is not only a work place but also a “nursery “where all children are welcome.

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Women are taught to knit all those funny toys the brand sells all over the world. The products are not only cute and exclusive but also a good example to everybody as they are the tool to create a fairer world for our kids.

The knitting mums team reached 60 members last year and it’s expected to grow even more. This mix of different kinds of women has a common point: all of them want to be independent and get the best for their little ones. All of them are fighting mums who are ready to build a wonderful reality for their kids.

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The present war in Syria has forced a lot of adults and kids to leave their homes to try not only to survive but also to create a future where they can live in peace and enjoy their lives. Izabela contacted a community center where refugees receive help and this was the beginning of her new project, where Syrian mums started to crochet, dreaming about a new hope for them and their families.

They had to learn how to create the toys, and Izabela is glad to teach them in spite of being 7 months pregnant and the language barrier. Energy, love and pure magic were gathered in that room, everyone was ready to start!

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We are simply amazed by this kind of initiatives and, furthermore, we are totally in love with every single piece: Have you seen those soft and lovely characters? Pastel tones wrap toys with own personality and own soul made with all those women’s stories. The best materials and the highest quantity of thrill you can imagine are included in every toy, in every piece of clothes, in every blanket…Lots of love in every order!

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