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Is there any better way of creating a vintage kids’ room than the addition of these wicker beds and cribs? This material was used by our grandmas in those baskets we have always seen around us. Well, they have come back as a cool trend.

This kids’ room is a peaceful space, provided you are going to spend a lot of time there while you take care of kids you should better create a cosy and family warm atmosphere. These lovely wicker beds show that vintage touch which makes us fall in love at the first sight. It’s really surprising when we add some modern textiles plenty of colour and prints. There are lots of ideas to use wicker as the focus of attention, don´t miss all this inspiration!

Natural Wicker Crib


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Natural kids’ rooms are really in so we love all those spaces with wood, knitted fabrics and also with wicker. In this case they wanted to add a “forest look” with that great wallpaper with trees which is perfectly mixed  with the tones of the crib. There are other matching details like the basket, the wooden horse or the mobile of the crib made with branches.

Kids’ Wicker Bed in A Vintage Room


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The vintage wallpaper has become the focus of attention of the room so they have added some details to match this trend, like the antique cases. Anyway, details are just a few because with this original bed and the wallpaper you don´t need a lot.

Wicker Crib in A Cool Space


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This is clearly our favourite room and it’s strange considering our love for Scandinavian spaces. There’s no doubt that they have created a very sophisticated room for the baby with that beautiful wallpaper in dark tones which contrasts with the wicker of the crib. Here, the crib gets all the attention with a really soft touch in such an elegant atmosphere.

Wicker Bed for A Natural  Room


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This bed is a perfect idea for a girl’s room. If you add other wicker touches like the table, a basket to keep their toys or even a lamp, you will have a very special space.