The new Fabelab’s textile collection for this spring tells stories! A range of tones from neutral grey to pastel tones like mint green mixed with other bright colours like yellow or brick red. Lovely combinations and really original kids textiles which always fulfill our expectations.

Fabelab’s textiles are not only simple pieces, they are always much more than that. We remember that origami blanket that can be transformed into a bird and the butterfly wings quilts to make them fly without going out. This imaginative point makes Fabelab a very special brand. We really love their duvet covers!


This time they have got inspiration from those little dreamers who are really curious and adventurous  so kids’ textiles talk about other worlds, pirates and daring characters who discover new lands in their trips. This collection is plenty of details and sometimes we don’t know if they are there to play or to decorate! Look at those rabbit-shaped fabric bags, mountain-shaped cushions, cloud-shaped crib mobiles and fabric garlands created with little apples.


The collection offers different tones. Fabelab always knows how to choose the perfect colours to be combined with Nordic atmospheres because this Danish brand knows that this is the trend in kids’ room. Pastel tones can be combined with each other although we use pieces from other collections. Mint green combined with yellow touches, peach tones and a more intense brick red and other grey tones to those who prefer simplicity.


Adventurer, Dreamer and Grey are their three collections and if we take a look to the pictures we think all of them are perfect, with lots of cute tones, soft organic cotton for kids and lots of imagination in every design. Can you ask for anything else?


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