We are really in love with the handmade world because it offers cool things like this textile collection for kids’ rooms created by Número 74. This Italian brand creates both fashion and decoration for kids and it has just launched its lookbook for this spring-summer season. It shows a boho and natural style and its unique handmade pieces are perfect for a kids’ room. Products full of delicacy, poetry and lightness.

Tones for a Soft Room


This collection includes beautiful muted colours as gray, ice blue, baobab rose and dusty pink. They are perfect pieces for Scandinavian children’s rooms. Simple tones and imperceptible prints to get timeless fabrics.


Mixing different colours and materials easily you can create a relaxing corner. You need cushions, old curtains (they can be used as hammocks) and a canopy (or a teepee).

Textiles to Decorate the Kids’ Rooms


Their wonderful teepees are perfect to create a refuge in their rooms or a cool read space. Kids are always looking for places to let their imagination free, a special space to have their own universe in this adult world. These teepees matching the other textiles may be the perfect touch for their room.


Número 74 tries to decorate kids’ spaces with nice textiles and details. A Moses basket with a pink case, funny and soft star-shaped cushions in a pink tone lighter than the sheets or beautiful garlands —also handmade— to add a party and dreamy touch.


The ideas of this brand are really cool and the natural materials (wool, cotton, cashmere and linen) are directly linked to quality and softness for kids. Don’t miss their fashion collection for kids, they have really beautiful pieces. Well, now, we have these wonderful ideas to decorate their room with a boho touch.

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