Sack Me’s ideas are really cool, very cool. Before talking you about them, we will tell you that it is and Australian shop created by an architect who is —at the same time– the beloved mum of a couple of twins. She needed something original, creative, something to show children spirit and personality. This invited her to create those nice textiles.

There are several collections on her web. All of them are a must. Everybody is going to find her favourite and if we had to choose, we can say that the ice cream cone-bed is our favourite! All the collections are really nice, every single one shows this children’s vision so we think they are perfect to them!


The Green Mob collection is inspired by vegetables which are turned into characters. It’s the only one in grey, black and white but it also has illustrations. Everything can be found in the collection: from cushions to sheets, duvet covers and also funny stickers to be placed on the walls…they will be real decorators!



Pasta Amore is a collection focused on yellow, a flashy and bright yellow. At first you don’t realise that it’s pasta with different shapes. It’s also good options for those who want only a colour to combine it with black or grey.

textiles for kids7vbg

Sunday Sundae is plenty of colours and tones. It shows the fun of sunny Sundays when kids enjoy freedom everywhere. Get touched by this spirit is quite easy. There are enormous colourful spots with white background and sheets that look like an enormous ice cream. This is a great way to start every day!

All those textiles are 100% cotton made because Li-Ann, its creator, is really worried about taking care of her kids by offering them the best. Their designs have been created from her experiences with kids and they have also been tested by them!

Don’t you think these lovely designs are perfect for your kids’ room too?




+info: Sack Me