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We want to share these amazing simple line cots and cot beds  for fuss-free mums who like basic, functional and versatile designs — those that will never go out of style. Sometimes we think that basics are good because we can customise them: beautiful textiles or wallpaper with intense colours and other details for instance. However, baby cribs are a decoration on its own and the current minimalist, natural Scandinavian trend makes it the perfect moment to try these most simple of baby cribs. Here are some ideas for you to add to the baby’s room.

Baby cribs in Scandinavian style


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The first idea that comes to mind when talking about simple line cribs is to set it in a Scandinavian atmosphere. These spaces are very trendy and feature just enough details, with furniture pieces whose pure and basic lines are truly hypnotic. A crib like this, which brings together wood and white colours is perfect for a Scandinavian style baby’s room.

Basic cribs and colourful linen


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What’s the best part about simple furniture? You can add all sorts of linen: with prints, intense colours, pastel colours or whatever your hear desires. We can even add some wreathes and it won’t look overdone, which means we will have a lot of room to play around when decorating the baby’s room.

Modern settings for simple cribs


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Another style which will match these gorgeous simple cribs perfectly is something more modern, by either combining them with designer furniture or with a minimalist style. In order to get a very modern room, you can choose white colours and straight line furniture without ornaments such as this shelf with no handles. If you want to make it truly unforgettable, pick some children’s illustrations for the walls like the ones above or some wooden toys.

Centre stage yet simple cribs


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Yes, even when something is simple it can certainly be the central piece in the room. This simple yet stunning little crib with basic lines is a great example, with a wreathe at the top and black and white details so it remains the most important part of the room. Have you enjoyed these ideas for simple yet really stylish cribs?