Kids are always thinking about having their own space where they can play, create and enjoy their little universe. This element is really important to develop their independence and imagination as it’s a place where there are no limits.

Having their own little kingdom is a need you can fulfil with a simple teepee or refuge in their rooms but if you are lucky enough to have a garden and a bit of creativity you can offer them one of these amazing playhouses that will make them believe they are dreaming.

Here you are one of a selection of the most beautiful outdoors playhouses you have ever seen. Are you ready to fall in love? Let’s see!



Rustic, cosy and very chic. Wood is always a great option to build a playhouse but this funny  garland and these colourful  details that turn the beautiful house above into a fairy tale element.



Details, details, details…this is the secret to make them feel at home. This playhouse created by Tiny Little Pads is simply fabulous! Have you seen that furniture? We are sure they can imagine a lot of funny stories with this wonderful scene.



If you are one of those design lovers (just like us) we will appreciate this wonderful creation that can add a sophisticated touch to every space while your kids imagine a new life inside this futuristic wonder.

playhouse234                                  Via                                                                                               Via

We really like natural wood in this kind of elements, especially if they include special details like that climbing wall or the funny round windows, they can be easily transformed into a wonderful garden ornament.



If you add a rest area next to the playhouse you will have lots of fun with your little ones while they play and imagine…you can be part of their games, wake up your inner child!



WOW! what a sledge, what a design! We want to live there! This playhouse has been designed for the coolest children and their parents as all of them are going to enjoy it!



This idea is great! They will have their own playground at home! The whole structure is full of rings, holes and climbing elements to make it funnier, furthermore, the orange touch provides a cool look to that wonderful wooden structure.



Can you imagine sleeping there in a summer night? It would be great! Your children will love this fantastic playhouse that offers a wonderful perspective of nature…



We really like the combination of colours and those lovely cushions inside the house. This is the perfect place to enjoy a nap!

Well, these are only some examples of the wonderful creation you can find (or even make), some inspiration to create the “little castle” of your princes and princesses!

If you need more ideas, have a look at “8 Houses to Play Outside” post and enjoy!