We are still enjoying our holidays but — unfortunately — we must start to think about the back to our routines and timetables. You can help kids to face this uncomfortable moment by choosing some cute details to make it easier.

They are always happy to show their new school bags to their friends while they enjoy the enormous choice of colours shapes and materials. Today we bring you the best selection to turn your little one into the chicest student with these wonderful school bags.  Are you ready to come back to school? Let’s go!

School Bags: Satchelsatchel-school-bag

We really like this kind of bags as they show that vintage look that reminds 50’s and 60’s schools plenty of vintage desks and big books…they have something special, don’t you think?

From the left to the right: 123

School Bags and Backpacks: Simple, Contemporary Designs


From the left to the right: 1234

Modern and functional designs They are perfect for both boys and girls and they can be adapted to every age so they can use it for several years or even customise them with some patches (yes, they are very cool) or pins. It won’t look the same at all! These timeless pieces are quality products that will last for a long time, keeping all their elegance and functionality.

School Backpacks: Original Prints and Shapes


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A creative print will add that special touch of “exclusivity” to show their own personality. Offer them the opportunity to choose their favourite, it’s a great way of expressing themselves. Have you seen this colouring model? They are having a great time while they choose they favourite colours. Wake up their inner artist!



Have you enjoyed these great designs? Is there any better way to come back to school? We don’t think so!


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