Small spaces often mean you have to sacrifice some of the things you would like to include. But, with a little bit of inspiration, it can be easy to turn them into cosy, stylish and functional spaces for your kids. Start with the must-haves and work from there – essentially bed and storage. Look for beds with built-in storage (or design a custom bed that perfectly fit your needs and space) and choose a carefully balanced colour scheme. Small rooms can be functional and big on style. No matter size!

Small Spaces: Shared Room and Playroom

One of the keys is creating a flexible layout that allowed for multiple uses of each zone. The first space featured on this post is a shared children’s playroom/bedroom in a family apartment in Copenhagen. So they need a children’s room with space for storage, sleeping, and playing, and the result is brilliant. They make a limited amount of square meters go a very long way!

The built-in wood unit takes up the entire facing wall, concealing within itself not only nooks for the children to play in but also their beds, closet space for clothes and toy storage. This space is also the playroom and has many fun elements: a blackboard, removable bed slide or hidden desk.

They use any tiny space for the storage and add some fun details, like the climbing wall (photo below). Fabulous, isn’t it? I’m sure you will find a lot of inspiration in this apartment, and some clever storage ideas for kids’ rooms that will enlarge your space.

Source Photo by Pernille Kaalund, styling by Heyhome.

Small Spaces: Combine the Bed Frame, a Desk, and Shelves to Save Space

A tiny kid’s room doesn’t have to become a huge problem, if you know how to properly use the space available to you. If the bedroom is really small but your child needs a workspace area, you need a functional and personalised solution to optimise the space, like featured in the picture above. Bonba studio has created a kid’s room that incorporating a three-in-one unit in the bedroom design to save on space. The unit includes a bed frame, a desk, and a shelving unit.

A platform supports the single mattress, a shelf above the bed provides the perfect spot to plug in a lamp and rest a book, and a fold down door with a second and third shelf above and below it creates a convenient desk that can be folded away when work is done. Remember that if you need to save space wherever possible and streamline the look of your kid’s room, everything needs to serve a purpose.

Source  – Via –  Photography: José Hevia

Small Spaces: A Custom Bed

Do you have siblings sharing a small bedroom? If you want to create a comfortable space for two or more children in a tiny room, you can opt for a custom bunk bed. It utilises small spaces to the maximum. This house-shaped bunk bed, designed by Another Studio, allows you to maximize your kid’s room space and provides privacy in shared areas. Furthermore, it features multiple windows that allow light into the sleeping space and allows the kids to look out from the comfort of their beds.

This is another great example os use of vertical storage space. This furniture piece created by Atelier ST is a floor-to-ceiling design that features storage cubbies, a small ladder that leads up to a bed, and bookshelves built into the side of it to create a comfy reading nook as well as the perfect sleeping area.

These kids rooms may be short on space, but they are abundant with style and original solutions, right? Tell me, which are your favourite small-space decorating and storage ideas?