This little gadget is one of those funny ideas to decorate but it will also keep children entertained for a while. The good thing about these little animal lamps is that they can be combined with each others so you can create lots of funny birds with the simple combination of pieces. They will have a different lantern to light their room every day!


Dennis Parren is a Dutch with three kids who love Lego so they have those creative minds which can see objects in a simple amount of pieces. This is the reason why he decided to create these lamps, an original way to light every corner. It’s the Birds collection because it’s inspired by birds. It includes instructions to create different models although we know that kids are perfectly able to do it by themselves.

They are only three birds which allow the creation of more than 30 combinations. This is a complete world of animals which can be recognised by their simple shapes. We also think it’s a good detail for kids’ rooms because of its Scandinavian style as its design focused on basic shapes. That white tone is ideal to Scandinavian atmospheres and it will provide some light to the room with a “dreamy touch”.

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Via Cuartoderecha