There are lots of inspiration sources to decorate a kids’ room. We can find different styles, furniture, colours, and a huge number of prints to create new and surprising things. There are people who follow trends but there are others who prefer mixing in order to get something original, different and fresh. The only rule is that there are not rules.


Today we bring you several ideas because this eclectic kid’s room design is really inspiring. It’s playful and functional: there’s a different space to play, to study or to paint. However, we have to know that not anybody has as much space although you can use it just to get some inspiration.


The lovely and simple Nordic furniture by Ouef is the focus of attention here. Their pure lines are suitable to be included in every kind of space. White and wood tones, they are the basic element to match easily. These ones are mixed with an antique wardrobe and a chimney with an adult look that has been perfectly included thanks to the toys and the pictures.


The room also includes colours, everyone can choose their favourite, funny garlands and some kids’ pictures which provide an imaginative touch to the walls. We are also in love with that black wall to turn it into a blackboard so kids can be as creative as they want!


There are several zones to play, this is one of those funny rooms where they will spend lots of hours. Those original animal-shaped chairs might be known for you because we have shown them in another post and we really think this is a good idea to create a different space to play and enjoy. We really like the teepee, another detail we have seen before where they can hide and have lots of great times

Via Myparadissi