What are your favourite colours for a kids room? We love a monochrome room but sometimes it can be hard to pull off without it looking too stark. And besides, pure monochrome isn’t for everyone. If you love black and white rooms too but still want some colour, the answer is to combine the two.  The easiest way to do this is to start with black and white and then add a pop of colour through posters, cushions, toys and other decorations like in the room above. The minty green adds a softness to the black and white without taking away from the monochrome feel.

The best part about adding colour to a monochrome room is that no colour is off limits. You can choose pastel pops, bright colours like yellow, blue or red, deep colours like bottle green or even metallics like gold and copper. And if your child has a favourite colour, it’s a great way to have a dash of their favourite colour in the room, without the colour taking over.

Here are some beautiful black and white kids rooms that have just the right pop of colour:

black-and-white-with-colour-2Here is a modern monochrome kids room with little splashes of colour. The vibe is very much of a black and white room but that poster and the toys bring in just the right hint of colour to make the room a bit more playful.

black-and-white-with-colour-3In this room you have a bit more colour but most of the colours are soft. Here they’ve used bedding, soft toys and a wall hook to add touches of colour and the result is a charming space that feels stylish yet playful.


Here is a gorgeous room that doesn’t hold back on using lots of bold black and white. But the dusty pink quilt immediately softens the look.  If we had to choose, dusty pink would be one of our favourite colours to combine with black and white and it’s not hard to see why.


If you’re after a bigger shot of colour, one of the best ways is to create a feature wall using wallpaper. This black and white room is brought to life with that deep, dark green wallpaper but yet it doesn’t take away from the monochrome look.

black-and-white-with-colour-6This room uses the brightest of colours from all the rooms. That ‘happy’ banner, even though it is so simple, adds a big shot of bright colour to this room. If bright colours are your thing, but you still want monochromes, then this idea is for you.

What’s your favourite look?

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