If we take a look at Blomkal’s furniture, we will soon recognise talent, thrill and lots of great taste.This company, created by Lohana, her husband Romain and her brother in law Bastien. Blomkal is one of those brands where every single detail is carefully designed to guarantee quality, exclusivity and functionality.This family is totally in love with design and decoration and this is exactly what they show with their wonderful designs.

Light tones, clear lines and functional furniture which is not only easy to combine but also interchangeable and adapted to client’s requirements. Their furniture is suitable for every kind of atmosphere as they are simple, full of Scandinavian elegance and beauty. Furthermore, they will last for a long time as their quality turn them into a great investment.


They offer a great range of products to fulfill kids’ changing needs while they are growing up. You can adapt all the pieces to all the changes you make in the room, according to your taste or needs.


Trends are obviously a must so they are also considered  to create these timeless designs that are a basic ingredient to get one of those wonderful atmospheres we have seen on the Internet. You add your own elements to get a personal touch that will make the room even more special.


We really like that nice cosy touch in this furniture, there’s no doubt that it’s the perfect base to get a comfortable space where kids can build their own kingdom to play, dream and enjoy their childhood.


There is a magic halo around this wooden furniture that makes us feel at home, protected and safe, don’t you think? Share this feeling with your kids while you create a cute atmosphere for them with these beautiful products, don’t miss them!


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