Blue is usually linked to boys but it’s the perfect tone to add peace to every kids’ space. In this case, the talented French stylist Estelle Williot has created a kid’s room with lots of cool and interesting details like that wonderful cardboard rocket, those nice textiles or the skyline-shaped wall sticker. Let’s be creative!

Blue Kids’ Room with Functional Corners


We really love those rooms where everything matches the same style and tones but with clear limits in every zone. In this case, we have a space to sleep with a beautiful wooden bed but there are also other crucial spaces in kids’ rooms like the play area with that beautiful black and white rug (we love so much the Berber rugs),one of those original kids’ prints to colour and a door with blackboard paint to wake up their creativity whenever they want. Oh! Pay attention to the mix of the wallpaper with diamonds from Ferm Living and drop-shaped wall stickers. Of course the paper lanterns are fabulous!


There’s another important area in every  children’s room: the study area. Here, we have a great desk, perfect for shared kids’ bedrooms with a cute vintage style.

Decorative Details of The Blue Kids’ Room


In this room, we must pay attention to every single detail that makes it special. There are wonderful textiles with grey, white, black and yellow (the perfect colour to include in a blue room), these tones perfectly combined on the bed. The super-hero-shaped wooden lamp is another beautiful detail in this children’s room.



If we go on looking for new corners and details, we must mention those amazing wooden storage boxes with functional wheels and blackboard paint to customize them! We are also in love with the light garland made with fabric stars that seems a DIY piece… What an amount of ideas!


Via Estelle Williot