It is often said that dogs are a man’s best friends and, of course, children’s too. So is there any better shape to inspire in? Bobby (even the name sounds like the typical  home pet’s name) is a very functional shelf with a friendly dog’sshape that is becoming one their favorite pieces of furniture.



In the head part they can keep things which will be always accessible so it is also a good option for the games room. The dog’s back is something similar to a bench which can be transformed in a table when they grow up. It is a great point that designers take into account the product’s useful life to profit it to the limit even when children are not so small. This brand has a special view of children’s products design. Children’s furniture design and deco have always been designed to satisfy parents but they have kept in mind what children want, what they like and what not. With all these ideas,-taking from workshops where they interact with children- they try to create something to satisfy kid’s needs. There is not doubt that Bobby has got it. Furthermore, you can choose between different colours like yellow, red or a restrained brown. There are several sizes which can be stacked up together to create a long shelf- in one or several tones-where keep many other things. Bobby is made in a Belgian factory and to produce it, they use the highest quality materials, refusing everything that can be unsafe for children. In this way, everything they create is accepted by parents. All the ways to use this piece are inspiring and we know it will be used even when they grow up so we think it is a great investment. You have always to thing about this kind of things when you buy a piece of furniture and-if you ask children- they will ask you it is very cool!

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