Some time ago, I wrote about the collaboration between fashion label Bobo Choses and wallpaper company Chispum, two brands I love. Now they’ve launched new patterns for decorating your walls. They’ve chosen moon, leaves, forest and birds motifs, taken from Bobo Choses AW’15 collection.

Since 2003, Chispum has been a pioneering brand in creative decorative vinyls as it has shown that ideas can be explained and stories can be told beyond paper… They have always believed in and defended freedom and innovation when creating, breaking down frontiers, crossing lines, doodling and transferring stories from books (and patterns) to walls, to make them speak and tell funny and unexpected things.

Bobo Choses & Chispum Wallpapers: The Unknown Mountain Journey



The woods wallpaper is one of my favourites. The black & white scheme it’s easy to combine and works well with all the styles, from minimal rooms to Scandinavian vibe bedrooms.

bobo-choses-chispum-wallpapers-leaves bobo-choses-chispum-wallpaper-leaves

The leaves wallpaper has sweet prints in navy blue, muted pink and burgundy colours. It looks good on a soft decoration, but if you mix different patterns you can add a fun touch to the room.
bobo-choses-chispum-wallpaper-birds bobo-choses-chispum-wallpapers-birds

The birds wallpaper is perfect for dreamers. It’s a very subtle pattern, so you can cover all the wall or create just a border.

Need more reason to love this collection? The innovative Chispum Repositionable Wallpaper works just like a regular wallpaper, but instead of using annoying tubes of paste to apply it to the wall, you can place it directly on it! Installation is a clean and easy process because of its adhesive layer on the back.

Their peel-and-stick application process allows you to create your own pattern as a mural, border, wallpaper… It is really easy to place and most importantly… you can remove it and reposition it as many times as you wish with no damage to your walls!

+info: Chispum