The last, definitive trick to astonish your entire audience: Solemnly, bring your hands to your face, covering your eyes and… PRESTO! You have disappeared, total invisibility! You don’t see anyone therefore nobody can see you. No peeping or you’ll be discovered!

Titled “How to disappear”, the autumn – winter 2016 / 17 collection from Bobo Choses is inspired by the world of magic. The collection pays tribute to the children’s sense of wonder towards the extraordinary. Think of Uri Geller, the illusionist, who was famous for bending spoons, the illusion of lines, the diamonds and hearts of playing cards…

This Barcelona-based brand always offers funny, poetic and imaginative prints. For this winter, they suggest bent spoons, rabbits, pigeons, cards and hand tricks in beautiful muted tones such as ochre, mustard, brick red, rust, blush or grey.

As always, the clothes are playful, easy-to-wear and comfortable, with a luxe sports look. This kidswear brand was born with the idea of creating a label that could capture the magical, passionate look and language of kids, and each season they surprise us with a new story and great graphics.

bobo-choses-aw17-collection (5)bobo-choses-aw17-collection (4)

Bobo Choses’ design team has been developing new fabrics and has created three different capsule collections: Hypnotized Fur, Juanola and Jumping Rabbits. The Hypnotized Fur is a collection of coats and jackets with original hypnotising stripes artwork in furry and cosy fabric.

bobo-choses-aw17-collection (12) bobo-choses-aw17-collection (11)

The Jumping Rabbits collection is composed by sweatshirts and dresses made of a padded jacquard fabric with jumping bunnies artwork.

bobo-choses-aw17-collection (9)bobo-choses-aw17-collection (13)

Finally, the Juanola collection features a Bambula double fabric embroidered with small diamond shapes. It comes as a blouse, trousers, overall, T-shape dress and foulard, all of them with BC initials embroidered in gold thread.


Have a peek at some of our favourite outfits and enjoy!

bobo-choses-aw17-collection (10)bobo-choses-aw17-collection (15)bobo-choses-aw17-collectionbobo-choses-aw17-collection (16)bobo-choses-aw17-collection (7) bobo-choses-aw17-collection (6)

Remember, anything can be possible with only so much as little bit of magic powders while shouting ABRACADABRA!

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